• 5.00 tons of CO2 Averted

  • 18394 Car Trips Removed

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About the Program

The Walk and Bike to School programs in North Natomas have stepped into the future with bar code scanning technology! All 3rd through 5th grade students that walk, bike, scoot or skate to school will receive a free, sneaker shaped barcode tag that gets scanned each walking program day. Students earn virtual money, “Boot Bucks”, each time they scan in that can be redeemed at a student store for prizes. rnrnIn addition, parents can register their student’s tag for free, on this page, to receive notification by text, e-mail or voice mail when the student has arrived on campus! Enhanced features when you register your tag include being able to track miles, calories burned, CO2 spared, gas saved and more! rnEveryone can use this page to follow their school’s efforts to promote student health and reduce their carbon footprint through active transportation. GOOD FOR STUDENT HEALTH, GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT.

Register Your Tag

The benefits of registering your Trip Scanner tag include:rnrnOption for parents to receive a text, e-mail or phone call notification when their student arrives on campus and scans in.rnAbility to “track your stats” including how many miles walked/biked, calories burned, gas saved and CO2 reduced in the environment.rnParent permission is required to register your Trip Scanner tag!rnrnRegistering is easy! Follow these easy steps:rnrnSelect your school from the drop down menu.rnFill out the online form and hit the “register” button.rnPrint, sign, and return the registration form to the Walk to School program table.rnYou’re done!

Frequently Asked Questions

Go to, www.NNTMA.org/tripscanner, for more information about the Trip Scanner Program at Natomas Park Elementary.